Long before an athlete has their moment of glory, they are already legends in their own right, all they need is the spotlight on them.

Years before a professional becomes the number one name of his/her sport, they were part of a training camp, they developed and explored their potential, all of this in different ways, but with one thing in common, they all had a coach that saw that potential, believed in them and helped them develop that potential into a skill set that perfectly complements talent and the drive to be the best.

Every athlete started out with just talent and a dream, then they found a trustworthy coach who helped them discover and develop their potential. It was not an easy path by any means; there were the moments of doubt, the hours of hard work and grind, there were injuries and the layoff, there were victories and losses as a team and as an individual and there were sacrifices. The superstar athletes were not always the best or number one, they were once second to someone or maybe only to their doubts during moments of defeat, but they never gave up. Slowly, with time they worked themselves from role player to the “go-to” man, the team leader who everyone looked up to, they learnt to believe in themselves wholly and didn’t let up on their confidence even when all didn’t go as planned.

Then they found another gear, the right balance between experience, ability and talent and it was their breakout. They delivered when it mattered, nothing seemed impossible again, everything clicked and they just couldn’t lose anymore. No record was too big to break, it didn’t matter the opponent or challenge, they won and were no longer the underdogs, slowly transitioning from challengers to the favorites, the top dog.

Whether it’s being part of the chasing pack, the number one challenger or the man/woman to beat, every athlete has a journey, a story and this is what makes every one of them a legend.

Due to the fact that, we at ‘’The Legends of Sports’’partner with legends from youth coaches, high school coaches, college coaches, professional coaches, we know what makes a Legend, we have our own journey and we know that it is this journey that defines every athlete and determines their final destination and that is why we choose to work with the budding athletes, so we can be part of their journey, to be part of the legend.

Based in Colorado, Legends of Sports promotes and manages sporting events and training programs designed to provide an environment in which coaches, athletes and parents are exposed to great developmental experiences.